Threats in the News for April

In the last few Threats in the News posts, we have been able to report some good news along with the bad news but April was very different and not in a good way. There were some major attacks last month that have impacted millions of people.

April started with the Epsilon breach that we wrote about and gave tips on how to avoid a phishing attack. It’s now reported that this breach could cost $4 billion dollars as email addresses and some names for customers of many major U.S. companies that outsource their e-mail communications to Epsilon were stolen.

Later on in the month, Sony had to take the PlayStation Network (PSN) offline due to a massive data breach that affected more than 70 million customers. This breach was later extended to include Sony Online Entertainment customers. Names, e-mails, phone numbers, usernames, passwords, “outdated” credit cards, etc. were exposed.

If that’s not enough bad news, then in addition to these 2 major breaches, it was also reported that: the iPhone is tracking your location and logging it in a file kept on the handset and copied to your computer; a hacker gained access to, a popular blogging site; a vulnerability in Skype for Android exposed sensitive information; and the list goes on.

Here are April’s top news items you should be aware of:

This post is by no means exhaustive and you can find more articles in our Industry News section.