Kindsight Launches Offering for Mobile Operator Security Services

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Today, we introduced Kindsight Mobile Security to provide protection for mobile networks and devices. The new offering combines network-based malware detection with a mobile device security app that scans for malicious software before it can be installed. With Kindsight Mobile Security, mobile operators are able to offer a value-added security service that more fully protects their subscribers, while giving them the opportunity to increase revenues and reduce churn.

Kindsight Mobile Security Combines Device and Network-based Security for Complete Protection

Built on the Kindsight Security Services solution, the new offering analyzes both mobile Internet traffic and scans the device for malware. Kindsight Mobile Security combines the company’s Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS-8800) and Alert Reporting Cluster (ARC) platforms with a lightweight and easy-to-use Mobile Security App to provide complete protection. With this approach, Kindsight Mobile Security can detect threats both in the network and on the device to quickly alert the subscriber of the threat and to help them remove the malicious app.

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