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Offer Internet broadband subscribers an additional layer or protection with Kindsight Broadband Security

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With the number of computers and mobile devices for each subscriber growing, most consumers do not keep security software, operating systems, applications and plug-ins up-to-date for every computer and device. In some cases, especially mobile devices like tables and smartphones, consumers do not even have security software installed. At the same time, malware is more sophisticated and mobile attacks are growing as hackers look to exploit vulnerabilities in all devices to steal identities or commit cybercrime.

While recent studies show that 4 out of 5 of consumers have up-to-date anti-virus, over half were still infected with malware during the past year. Clearly there is a need for an additional layer of protection.

By deploying the Kindsight Security Service, Internet service providers and mobile operators can now offer a powerful and innovative network-based security service that notifies users when their home network or mobile device has been attacked. Find out why your subscribers need the Kindsight Security Service.

Developed by Kindsight Security Labs, the Security Service is built upon a Network-based Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) that is deployed in the service provider’s network to analyze the Internet traffic from their subscribers’ home networks and mobile devices for the presence of malware that may have disabled, or was not detected, by client-based anti-virus software. Find out how easy it is for cybecriminals to steal and identity online.

Unfortunately, this is quite common as demonstrated in a Kindsight security trial of more than 200,000 subscribers in North America where 30 percent of homes had been infected and were at serious risk of online identity theft, cybercrime and other threats.

In the event of an infection, subscribers are sent an alert via their medium of their choice (email, SMS, mobile app, portal, or interstitial showing an alert on their next web page view) and given step-by-step instructions for removing the threat. Find out more about how the service can help your subscribers.

The Kindsight NIDS is a signature-based system that offers accurate detection of malware with very low false positive rates using exploit and spyware signatures from Kindsight Security Labs as well as several best of breed partners and botnet command and control (C&C) blacklists. These signatures are selected to detect:

  • Botnet command and control communications
  • Trojan backdoor connections
  • Attempts to infect others (e.g. exploits)
  • Hijacked browsers and spyware infections
  • Hacking and distributed denial of service (DDoS) activity
  • Excessive e-mail

Service providers can monetize the Kindsight service for a monthly fee or bundle it to drive demand for other services (e.g. $15/month premium care, $10/month identity protection, etc.).

Read the Kindsight Security Services Overview.