Protecting Mobile Subscribers

Mobile Device App + Network-based Detection = Complete Protection with Kindsight Mobile Security

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With use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices exploding, most consumers are not aware that these devices are the next targets of cybercriminals so most mobile devices do not have security software installed. Mobile malware is escalating having increased 400 percent over a three-month period in late 2011, as measured by Kindsight Security Labs. Find out how easy it is for cybecriminals to launch a mobile attack.

Security needs to be client- and network-based

Kindsight Mobile Security combines device and network-based security for complete protectionClearly both mobile devices and networks are at risk and there is a need for an additional layer of protection. Kindsight Mobile Security combines client and network-based security to detect threats, send alerts and remove malware to protect your subscriber’s mobile devices and your network. 

Built on the Kindsight Security Services solution, the network-based security platform analyzes mobile Internet traffic for malware while the device-based security app scans for malicious apps before they are installed and helps remove infections detected in the network. Find out how Kindsight Mobile Security works.

The mobile operator is uniquely positioned to offer network-based security services and can bundle it with a mobile security app to provide a complete protection package to their subscribers, while also helping to protect the mobile broadband network. Since the mobile security market is relatively new, service providers can leverage their position in the network for a sustainable competitive advantage. Find out how mobile operators can benefit from Kindsight Mobile Security.

A business model for security services

However, mobile operators need a compelling business case to roll out new value-added services. The Kindsight Mobile Security services can be offered for a monthly fee, used to drive demand for up selling other services, or to differentiate their mobile broadband offering.

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